superboy 8-bit

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 Superboy is a music project created by Bandrek Putra Tambayong who is promoting micromusic (8-bit/chiptune) in Indonesia and worldwide.
         Standing at the beginning of 2009 until now. In mid-2011 he plans to record some songs that have not been recorded and may be a mini album in 2011! He creates an experimental music composed of many gripping melodies and jams straight from the Gameboy. He genre chipdisco and chipbreak.

Special thanks to:
- Rockman ( bogota, colombia )
- I Set My Pixel On Fire ( poland )
- Steal 4 Ram ( poland )

Special thanks to video:
- White Elephant Films ( Osaka, Japan )

- Bip Bip Party ( indonesia )
- Street Chip Sound ( indonesia )
- Micro Chip Tour ( indonesia )
- Bertahan Melawan Musim ( east java, indonesia )
- Plug And Play ( east java, indonesia )

Best Album:
- My Friends Superstar ( superboy - dead my gameboy )
- Hey Gameboy ( superboy - superhero! )
- Chip Break ( superboy - good bye )


Ramiro Andres Navarro ( ROCKMAN ) from Colombia
Special thank's, because you are the first person who inspired me in music 8-bit at the beginning of 2011, I saw your video on youtube and it really inspired me.
You who taught me, that does not need something expensive to produce something extraordinary, something small if used correctly will produce something great.
You taught me to know and learn to make music like you through your video. You also teaches Drum and Bass (DnB) to me, it's a big thing that I've never had.

I play a song (love chaos) a year, the song that inspired me full on the Rockman and his work, it's really a very good song and make a ​​happy in life.

Matthew's Czech ( I SET MY PIXEL ON FIRE ) from Polandia
You taught me to make the song by heart. So that I can write it in my song, very special. I get a few valuable lessons in making happy music in my heart from you.
You also give special things in your songs, so it inspired me to do it.
Inspiration is also what makes me to continue working on my music.
Sebastian Kozak ( STEAL 4 RAM ) from Polandia
You showed me some interesting things from the songs and melodies characteristic grip on your song that made ​​me amazed to hear that.
You give something good to me, so I can try to make something I never did in my music.
You taught me the music is loud and be useful for me so I can play music that grabbed and fought.

White Elephant Film ( WEF ) U.K & JAPAN